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Light Effects
Gabrielle's Son: Sal Mancuso  -  July 2008

Tahoma Beach, Lake Tahoe, California - August 2009

Homewood, Lake Tahoe - July 2011

August 2011 SNOW ONLY on Gabrielle's patio !

No where else on the Monterey Peninsula, a hot
SUNNY summer day. Many folks came to witness this
phenomanan and photograph.  Did not melt for 2 days
even though the next day in Carmel/Monterey turned out
to be the hottest day of the summer in 2010.
It repeated in July of 2011 and 2012.

ORBS even come to parties ! 
Carmel, California  - February 2012


Denise Warfield, Medium with
Dr. Gabrielle Mancuso, "Psychick"  
Carmel, Calif - October 2011

Ghost Hunting

San Carolos Cemetery
Monterey, California - March 2012 -1

Monterey Improv Playing at the
Carl Cherry Center Playhouse Circa 1894
Carmel, California - June 2012

San Carlos Cemetary
Re-printed with permission from Tim & Theresa Bennett,
Paul and Jorie Belisle  Taken by Paul Belisel
Monterey, California  - 2003

ORBS in Visalia 2008 Gabrielle with a loving ORB - 2012
ORBS in Carmel, Gabrielle's backyard 2013  

A little Carmel beach time after a hypnosis training of mine 2013
with Steven Raymond and Casey Clark