The beginning ..........

As a young child, my psychic gifts seemed to be exciting and fun. Seeing talking to and playing with spirits was enchanting. Yet traditional Italian Catholic parents continued to explain to me I was fantasying and to stop thinking about that. Later as an ingénue I had no practical use for this. Except that I remember several times trying to guess the winning lottery numbers with NO success. (That's kind of embarrassing now.)

I retreated into normal life as defined by graduate degree, career, marriage, and overall good citizenship. I worked hard, 8-8, voted, recycled and volunteered. Life on auto pilot was going on. Then divorce and life as a single mother. All along my family and close friends knew I was studying psychic development and doing spot readings for friends.

But each of us on Earth has a gift or purpose. Sometimes the creator gives us a wake-up call. Maybe you have experienced one in your life. My wake-up call came as a near death experience (NDE) in 1979.

My NDE happened during a horrible ski accident when I was racing and hit full speed a tree. I was racing down a black diamond run at Bear Valley in California. I was just "barreling" and although I saw a huge tree in front of me, somehow I could not stop or even slow down. Everything went into slow motion. I felt like at THAT point I came right out of my body. I felt my physical body slam into the tree at full force. Yet there was not pain. The next few minutes I was standing outside my body, watching physical self, unconscious lying mangled in the snow. People all around me were hollering and skiing down to my body as I just watched them hover over me. There was one women who as screaming and crying, so I went to her. I remember I couldn't hold her, even though I tried. I felt warm and happy, yet I was witness a scene of utter chaos and terror. Then suddenly I felt warm, and bright but just as I felt that I felt my grandmother (who had passed) pushing me....... "Gabrielle, go back". It wasn't like I heard her voice, it was a knowing. I recall not wanting to "go back", so instead I looked into the light. All I remember is a magnificence that is completely impossible to explain. It changed me forever. All questions in that second were answered, all "knowing" was known. The brilliance, the glorification........... Then it was over. To this day I don't remember going back into my body, or why I did, or more of that day. Three days later I awoke in the hospital. My body, broken in so many places that the doctors didn't even tell me the extent of my injuries for three weeks. They said they couldn't believe I'd survived.



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-------- JUST FOR A LITTLE FUN ! --------


At a recent metaphysical conference a lengthy discussion on whether coincidence could be traced occurred. Finally, a clearly frustrated claircognizant blurted out, "Whatever! I know what I know!" The clairvoyant cocked an eyebrow and said, "Ahh, I see." The clairaudient turned her head saying, "So, I've heard." A clairsentient shivered while adding, "This doesn't feel right" as the clairalient wrinkled his nose agreeing that, "Yeah, the whole thing smells. The poor empath, curled up in the corner, wailed, "I don't feel so good."
And that is how you connect the dots on the subject.